" Saving Lives Through Research ..."



Abraham Automotive Safety Engineering

Our Story

During his Masters studies in Germany the company founder Nikil Abraham got interested in the field of Vehicle/Road safety. Being involved in various research projects he realized that more work needs to be done to reduce fatalities and injuries caused by road accidents. Through this company, we aim to expand on this small beginning. 

Our Vision

The company’s (AASE) vision is `saving lives through research' and development in Road/Vehicle/ Child safety. 

Our Mission

The company’s missions are  (i)to provide effective R&D consulting in the field of Vehicle/Road safety to research institutes, car manufacturers and government departments.

(ii) Develop innovative concepts for Vehicle/Road safety through R&D.

(iii) Generate awareness among the public on road safety matters.

Through scientific research activities, the company`s mission is to complete projects that would have a great influence on human lives.